Get Hassle-Free, Professional Delivery & Setup for Your Structure

We offer delivery and set up services within a 2- to 3-hour drive of our location in Lititz, PA. Delivery and setup fees are included as part of your quote.

Please contact us if you’d like more information about delivery and set up.

Delivery Options

Build On Site

Pergolas, pavilions, and most gazebos will be built on-site on a prepared area. You as the homeowner are responsible for preparing the site prior to delivery.

Our crew will neatly stack and secure all components of your outdoor structure onto a flatbed truck for delivery.

It typically takes our crew 6-8 hours to complete the assembly. The setup fee is calculated as a percentage of the purchase price.

Deliver Fully Assembled

In some cases, we are able to deliver gazebos fully assembled and ready for placement on your property. We will first need to determine if there is enough space on your property for this delivery option.

Gazebo delivered fully assembled.


Finished stamped concrete pad for a pergola.

Site Preparation

Preparing a level site with either a gravel foundation or concrete pad is necessary before we can deliver and set up your structure. We will work with you on the timing for site prep and delivery of your structure to ensure the spot is ready for us and to avoid any delays or problems.

Pergolas and pavilions are typically set on a concrete pad or existing patio surface. Gazebos can be placed onto a gravel pad or concrete pad.

While we do not provide site preparation services, we often recommend our business partner Site Prep. Site preparation for outdoor structures is the only work they do, and they are experts. The company is based in Gap, PA.

Visit their website to get a free quote.



How much does delivery cost?

Delivery is based on the driving distance from our shop in Lititz, PA. Setup fees are calculated as a percentage of the purchase price. We can provide quotes for both delivery and setup when we provide a quote for your structure.

How long does it take to set up a backyard structure?

Setup and assembly for a pergola or pavilion typically takes our crew 6-8 hours.

What is your delivery service area?

We will deliver to locations that are no more than a 3-hour drive from our Lititz location. Please contact us if you would like a delivery quote or if you have questions.

Delivery service area map.

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Our product experts are here to help you find or customize your gazebo, pergola, or pavilion. You can order an item for pickup we can deliver it to your home. Setup services (and removal, if applicable) are also available to you.

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